A Humble Heart (Page 70)

A Humble Heart (Hollywood Hearts #1)(70)
Author: R.L. Mathewson

“I’ve had better days. So look, this is just about you needing me and me needing you just for this,” he gestured to the bed, “I’m not looking for anything serious and I don’t think you are either. We both have something to settle. I promise after tonight you won’t hear from me unless that’s what you want,” he said.

She studied him for a long moment. “You promise?”

He nodded eagerly and pulled his shirt off and began to undo his pants. They were off in seconds and he was kneeling on the bed wearing nothing but blue boxers and a sweet, hopeful smile.

She walked slowly back to the bed and took his hand. He helped her onto the bed. “Wait, how exactly do you plan on letting her know what we did? You’re not planning on getting her up here to catch us are you?”

He shook his head and kissed her. “No, I don’t care if she knows about this. It’s just for me. Just like it’s just for you. The knowledge that we didn’t let our exes completely screw us over. We’re two consenting adults that just a need a little comfort right now. That’s all I need.”

“Sounds good.” She wrapped her arms around his neck.

“Okay, now Edward, pull down her underwear and then push her gently onto the bed and explore her body slowly with your mouth. Dana, I need you to look like you’re enjoying what he’s doing to you, when he lowers his mouth to your hip pretend he’s pleasuring you. Then I want you to pull him up after a minute and push his boxers down and make it look like you’re using a condom. That will be your cue to begin thrusting, Edward. Keep moving until I yell cut,” the director said before signaling the cameras to begin rolling once again.

They paused for a few seconds and then began kissing again. Edward slid her panties down her legs, revealing his wife’s backside to about twenty people. He had to focus. He pushed her onto the bed and began kissing his way down her body. His mouth stopped on her left leg an inch from her center where his face would block the view and give the illusion of him pleasuring her.

He brought his hands to her h*ps and held them as he moved his mouth over her skin, pretending he was somewhere else. Dana began to squirm under his touch and moan softly. He continued for a minute as he felt her arch and then her hands went to his hair. She ran her fingers through his hair and moved his mouth and tongue over her skin faster cueing her to moan frantically and pull him up.

Edward moved up her body and kissed her mouth passionately as she pushed his boxers down. He grabbed the condom lying on the pillow next to her head and pretended to put it on while kissing her. He was ready. He already prepared in the bathroom right before the scene with the Maxim magazine she was featured in. He thought about that moment when he knelt behind her and teased her. There would be no problems with this. There wouldn’t even be any real contact. His groin was at least six inches away from hers. His stomach pressed between her thighs was the only intimate contact, well that and their chests, but that wouldn’t be the thing to undo him. He had to do that with six other actresses over the years and it never affected him before.

He began thrusting gently against the bed. She kissed him deeply moaning, into his mouth as she moved. He broke away from her mouth and moved to her neck. She dropped her head back and moaned loudly. His hand reached up automatically and cupped her breast and played with the nipple between their bodies out of the view of their audience.

She ran her hands over his back and cupped his a*s firmly as he thrust. He felt himself start to lose it. He opened his eyes and kissed her jaw line. Out of the corner of his eye he could see that Amy was no longer in the place she promised she would stay. Damn it!

He was getting painfully erect now. The tip was pushed against Dana’s bottom. He felt her gasp. If he continued to thrust in this position she would be screaming soon in pain. Tomorrow by this time she would have a circular bruise on her a*s and she would pick on him about it relentlessly.

His hands moved down her legs. He grabbed her legs gently and moved swiftly to change positions before he hurt her or embarrassed himself. He moved tighter against her, positioning his erection between her legs, but against her stomach, no need to make this into a  p**n o after all. He pressed his stomach tightly against hers so nothing could be viewed. He was basically on his knees bent over her. It wasn’t exactly comfortable at the moment.

Thankfully Dana went along with it, probably thankful not to be poked in the a*s any longer. She ran her hands over his back as she kissed him. He thrust against her slowly this time trying not to focus on the sensations. The moans that were escaping his throat were real now. His hands pushed beneath her and wrapped around her back.

“I want you,” he whispered, not being able to help himself.

In one quick motion he picked her up and sat back until she was in his lap. She pressed tightly against him, keeping Edward Jr. pressed firmly between their stomachs as she began to give the illusion that she was riding him. She dropped her head back as she moved. He moved his mouth between her br**sts and licked slowly up to her chin, making her shiver.

He moved his hands down to cup her bottom as she moved against him. He was pretty sure her moans were real now as well. At least he could feel that she was aroused. There was no question about that. She brought her head back up and began kissing and licking his throat making him close his eyes and moan.

“Okay guys, now I need you to finish this,” the director said, his voice full of humor.

Edward let Dana push him down until she was leaning over him. She moved on top of him, keeping him covered as she leaned over and kissed his mouth greedily. He kept his hands stretched out on their sides firmly on her bottom to add extra cover in case she slipped.

He began thrusting up to meet her movements. She moaned into his mouth and cried out. He copied her seconds later. She fell against him, panting.

“Cut!” the director yelled.

At least a dozen people were suddenly crowding the small set. Robes were brought to them. Dana’s was placed over her back while she remained on him. She worked her arms through the sleeves as Edward helped her. When she sat up he pulled the robe closed and tied it tightly. She remained sitting on him as he struggled to pull his robe on. Once he was ready to cover himself up she moved quickly off him.

Eric walked onto the set, grinning. “Give us a minute, people,” he said loudly. In a matter of seconds the set was cleared.

“You guys did great,” Eric said. He seemed amused and not pissed, thankfully.

“Thank you.” Edward and Dana said in unison.

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